CS 7240: Research Project (Spring'22)

During the latter part of this class, students will work on a research project. I recommend you to do your project alone, but you can work in a team of two in case there is a strong argument for a joint project (please reach out to me first). The project is an essential part of this class and counts towards 50% of your grade.

The project focus should be inspired by the topics discussed in class, yet is flexible and allows students to explore scalable data management and analysis aspects related to their PhD research. You may also want to look through our recent or upcomign DATA lab seminars to find ideas for research topics. Your project can be of theoretical or practical nature. For example, your project may involve implementing a theoretical algorithm and comparing it against a baseline. You can either come up with your own project, or you can meet with me to discuss about project ideas. You don’t need to solve the problem to do well on the project; outlining a list of attempts, partial progress, or a substantial literature survey can also result in a strong project score. A key guiding principle is that your choices or options should be well justified and show a clear structure.

Project deliverables

Some latex references

Required modifications to ACM template

Please use the following latex commands on the top of your Latex file. It hides unnecessary information from the ACM template and allows me to add colored comments into your document as I read your intermediate or final report.